Advantages of mobile Rich Media Advertising in mobile applications:

  • High CTR's and Conversions! Average CTR is about 10%, and in some campaigns reaches up to 26%. This is really very impressive!
  • Favorable perception of advertising! The consumers have a positive relate to their apps, and more trust to the advertised product, brand or service.
  • Great variety of targeting! Choice of application categories (entertainment, lifestyle, sports, etc.), and the standard settings: operator, Geo, OS, connection type (Wi-Fi, 3G) and more.

Advantages of working with an advertising network

  • Responsiveness and availability! We solve all emerging issues in the shortest time.
  • A variety of ways to track the effectiveness of campaigns! Our solutions can be integrated with many external impression tracking systems, for example AdRiver, DoubleClick, MediaMind or Google Analytics.
  • Flexible pricing! Discounts up to 50%.
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